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    Azure devops gitversion - Eduard Kabrinskiy

    <h1>Azure devops gitversion</h1>
    Azure devops gitversion <a href="http://remmont.com">Breaking news headlines</a> Azure devops gitversion
    <h1>Build Versioning in Azure DevOps Pipelines</h1>
    <h4>Chetan Sarma</h4>
    <h4>Dec 12, 2019 В· 6 min read</h4>
    <p>Versioning is one of the important aspects of software build and release cycles. There are different principles around versioning your changes, but the most commonly adopted system is Semantic Versioning also called SemVer</em></strong>.</p>
    <p>In short semantic versioning, is denoted by X .Y.Z</em> where X</em> is the major version, Y is a minor version, and Z</em> is the patch. You can read more about the semantic versioning here https://semver.org</p>
    <p>Azure DevOps is a CI/CD platform by Microsoft. It is a pretty neat platform with a lot of out of box tools to automate your CI/CD pipelines.</p>
    <p style="clear: both"><img src="https://miro.medium.com/max/60/1*W-XvzYCLmdn45FqwnVpCYg.png" /></p>
    <p>The sc o pe of this article is restricted to application builds and versioning using Azure Pipelines YAML file. We will cover this article in two iterations. The first will be versioning PR and feature branch builds, and the second will be versioning a master branch. The idea is to version the master branch differently than PR and feature branch builds.</p>
    <p>Before we dig into the main topic, some introduction to Azure DevOps pipelines.</p>
    <p>By default, Azure DevOps will version your build with YYYYMMDD.Revision</em> format.</p>
    <p>For example, if we build the below azure-pipelines.yml file, the first build number will be 20191207 .1</strong> and subsequent builds will be incremented as 20191207 .2</strong>, 20191207 .3</strong> ? and henceforth.</p>
    <p style="clear: both"><img src="https://miro.medium.com/max/60/1*Mi51FJpOtOmppRvcB3dmjA.png" /></p>
    <p>Now, let?s add our custom versioning, for this purpose I have declared two properties variables and name. Variables property has major and minor variables declared (You can declare these variables globally using variable groups and linking the variable group name to the pipeline)and name property has the custom versioning format.</p>
    <p>When we build the YAML, our build will be versioned with 1.1.1 (major_version.minor_version.patch format) and subsequent builds will have 1.1.2,1.1.3,1.1.4?</p>
    <p style="clear: both"><img src="https://miro.medium.com/max/60/1*bNRffDjQsSwjtPAC8R3ftg.png" /></p>
    <h1>Building and versioning PR builds and feature branches</strong></h1>
    <p>Feature Branch Versioning:</strong></p>
    <p>As developers start working on feature branches and raise PR?s to merge into the main branch, we need to make sure the code quality is maintained by the code review process and successful PR builds. So we have to define a versioning system for these builds. Again, a lot of this depends on your branching strategy, this is just a versioning example of the common flow of software development.</p>
    <p>Let?s start by creating a new feature branch from master, let?s call it feature_branch_changes</em></strong>. In this branch, we will add the below lines to the azure-pipelines.yml file so that our feature branch is versioned differently.</p>
    <p>We have created a stage called Build_Branch_Version_Number, in which we have declared a condition that allows this stage to be run only if the branch is not master. Also, we have declared major and minor variables to 2 and 0.</p>
    <p>If the branch is not master, it declares a variable called brpatch</em></strong> which uses a counter expression.</p>
    <blockquote> <p>Counter expression in Azure DevOps:</strong> A counter expression increments the seed value based on its prefix value. Below, the seed value starts with 0, and the prefix value is variable minor i.e 1. Each run of the pipeline will increment its seed value. If we change the minor variable value to 2, the seed value resets to 0 as the prefix has changed. For more information visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/az...ns?view=azure-devops#counter</blockquote></p>
    <p>syntax</strong>: $[counter(variables[?prefix?], seed)]</p>
    <p>In a similar way, we will use build.sourcebranchname</em></strong> as prefix and start our seed value with 0, so for each run of the pipeline, the value of variable brpatch</em></strong> will increment as 0,1,2?</p>
    <p>As the next step, we will use Azure DevOps?s build.updatebuildnumber</em></strong> function to update the version of the running pipeline. This function will only run when the build.reason is not equal to Pull Request.</p>
    <p>When we build the feature_branch_changes</strong>, we should see build number 2 .0-feature_branch_changes.0.</em> </strong>All subsequent builds of the feature_branch_changes</strong> branch</strong> will be incremented like 2 .0-feature_branch_changes.1,2,3?n</em></strong></p>
    <h2>Azure devops gitversion</h2>

    <h3>Azure devops gitversion</h3>
    Azure devops gitversion <a href="http://remmont.com">International news</a> Azure devops gitversion
    <h4>Azure devops gitversion</h4>
    Versioning is one of the important aspects of software build and release cycles. There are different principles around versioning your changes, but the most commonly adopted system is Semantic?
    <h5>Azure devops gitversion</h5>
    Azure devops gitversion <a href="http://remmont.com">Azure devops gitversion</a> Azure devops gitversion
    SOURCE: <h6>Azure devops gitversion</h6> <a href="https://dev-ops.engineer/">Azure devops gitversion</a> Azure devops gitversion
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